Technological advancements are changing and enhancing the options for supply chain management at a rapid pace. At Barcode-IT we endeavour to investigate the latest in supply chain solutions, to ensure we can advise our customers of all the options available to them.

Advancements in technology constantly provide the supply chain with new ways of performing everyday tasks. Whether it's using a drone to check stock on the top levels of racking or the introduction of robots into manufacturing or distribution, if the gains and budget is available, there's a technology innovation available.

RFID Solutions

Popular within retail, automotive and healthcare industries, RFID technology allows businesses to speed up operational processes, track and tally assets and improve customer satisfaction. However, the design and installation of RFID techology is crucial to it's success, so using an RFID partner you trust to make the right recommendations is paramount.


Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology can revolutionise operations by automatically locating tagged objects at greater speed, accuracy and volume than traditional methods. However, there’s more to implementing RFID than you might realise and it's not the right solution for every business, so it's important to get the right advice before implementing the technology. Unless properly engineered, metals and liquids can play havoc with RFID, reader and tag frequencies can collide and tags not made for harsh environments can fade or fall off.

As a certified Zebra Technologies RFID partner, Barcode-IT have the knowledge and experience to advise customers on whether RFID is the right solution for their business. Working alongside specialist software and hardware partners, we can recommend and supply a full RFID solution; from readers to antennas, from printers to software, supplies and service for every type of industry.

Contact us for a discussion about RFID technology or arrange a demonstration.

Robots In Distribution

The adoption of robotics within distribution has been steadily increasing amongst FMCG and other fast paced distribution sectors over the last few years. Automated machinery and robots offer superior performance, reduce operating costs, reduce staffing requirements and ensure demanding SLAs can be met.

Barcode-IT have recently been in discussions with Locus Robotics, to ensure that we are up-to-date on this cutting edge supply chain technology, and to give you a better idea of the benefits and requirements of a robotic solution, we've provided a brief overview below.

Why would I consider using Locus Robots in my warehouse?

Locus provides a flexible, scalable, robotic solution that enables retailers & warehouse operators to achieve superior performance, actionable insights & measurable economic results. Locus Robotics aim to speed up pick task execution through a simplified hands free picking application and reduce the time between pick tasks by using mobile robots to absorb unproductive walking. Customers routinely see a 50-65% reduction in pick time, equivalent to a 2-3x improvement in pick productivity following implementation.

What kind of businesses is this solution a "good fit" for?

Locus Robotics solutions are ideal for companies performing order picks, like e-commerce, wholesale and store replenishment, and a minimum warehouse size of 15,000 square feet is required. Prime candidates for Locus will be stocking over 5000 SKUs and picking over 4000 lines/day on average. Locus Robotics integrates with all major WMS solutions, including SAP and Manhattan. Current customers include DHL, Geodis and MarleyLily.

How does it work?








Interested and want to know more? Contact us for a discussion about using Robotics within your operation or arrange a demonstration.



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